12 Classic Bulbs For Flowers That Bloom In The Spring

You will find all the classic spring flowering bulbs on this list. Along with the daffodils, tulips and hyacinths which can all be grown outdoors there are some less hardy varieties that have to be kept inside the house. These twelve classic bulbs are described in an article by Marianne Lipanovich which I came across on the Houzz website.

Spring bulbs are amazing. One small, brown, often misshapen package contains everything needed to produce roots, leaves and a beautiful flower (or flowers). Bulbs are easy to grow, have relatively few pests and diseases, can go in the ground or into a container, and can even stay in the house. They work well with almost any garden style and pretty much herald the arrival of warm weather.
There?s just one thing about bulbs that keeps them from being the perfect no-fuss plant: You have to plant them at just the right time. Come spring you may find potted containers full of blooms, but you won?t be able to find flats of bulbs to put into the garden for a spot of color. To have a spring bulb garden, you have to plant in the fall.
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