Adding fresh herbs to a dish makes all the difference transforming what would otherwise be rather bland into a really tasty meal. And where better to have your herbs than on a windowsill in the kitchen so you can pluck a leaf whenever it is needed? For some great ideas on how to grow herbs indoors so they are both handy and attractive read this article by Emma Smizer which I found on the Shareably website.

I love adding fresh herbs to all of my meals. Not only does it brighten up the flavor, but you can also add some extra nutritional value for free. I know we?ve already talked about how to regrow food from kitchen scraps, but make sure to add herbs to your list of kitchen plants.

Herbs, like basil, parsley, and various types of mint, are perfect for growing indoors thanks to their love of mild temperatures and easy care. All you need to do to is place your herbs near a window and water regularly ? and voila! You have your very own functioning indoor herb garden.

Whether you don?t have space in your backyard, or just don?t have a backyard, indoor herb gardens can be a great way to get the best of both worlds. Check out these 12 inspiring herb gardens!

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