Mosaics have been used for thousands of years as a form of decoration. From the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans when mosaics became a highly specialized art form right up to the present day the modern form of this technique is still very popular. In a garden setting there is scope for using mosaics for paths and patios as well as smaller items such as table tops and even old tree stumps. The designs shown below come from an article which I found over on the Top Inspirations website.

If you are looking for something new old but modern, this is just for your taste. Having a creative garden means that you are a creative person. Each garden could be beautiful with this mosaic design. Different figures, draws and other texture you could have just in your own garden. Mosaic decor will help you to have a heaven garden of your dreams.

Photo via www.blog.mozaico.com

Make fresh garden for the following season. Good looking stepping way in our yard, garden or courtyard. Walk in a style on these appealing pathways. You could have mosaic butterflies, mosaic river, mosaic steps, all mosaic! Each mosaic brings you new style for your seating place.

Photo via www.skparrott.wordpress.com

This design is very appreciated by people. It perfectly fits in every garden. Now, some boring decorative elements could be transformed into great decor. Transform the old tree stump into mosaic decorated tree stump. Today, you could have a mosaic design outdoor, but also indoor. Great artist are working just for you and they share their ideas with us, unselfish. Be the first in your settlement with a design like these ones. Original painting just for you!

Photo via www.jeffreygardens.blogspot.mk

We should appreciate and to love this design because mosaic design is really hard work. With these mosaic colors you could add a color in your garden.

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Top Photo via www.icreativeideas.com