12 Amazing Fall Planter Ideas

The secret to planting a stunning container garden is to follow the “thrill, fill and spill” formula. Thrill with a strong vertical feature plant, then fill with smaller flowers around the edge and include a trailer to spill down the side. To see what this means in practice here are twelve examples described by Lauren Dunec Hoang in her article which I found on the Houzz website.

Embrace the bold tones of autumn with containers filled with eye-catching foliage in brilliant gold, fiery orange and deep burgundy. By choosing plants based on your climate, you can create dramatic displays that will last well into the holidays. In cold climates, select plants that are resistant to frost, such as conifers and coral bells, for long-lasting vignettes. In mild-winter climates, play up the colors of the season with succulents and perennials in rich fall hues. Here are 12 container combinations to add fall cheer to your porch or patio.
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Feature photo: Le jardinet

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