11 Ways To Turn A Pumpkin Into A Planter

Halloween may have come and gone but there are still plenty of pumpkins that have not been carved into ugly faces. While many will no doubt end up in a pumpkin pie, another way to make use of this bountiful harvest is to turn them into flower planters. I came across these eleven DIY ideas on the Garden Lovers Club website.

Welcome to fall! We?re pleased to present some of our favorite ways to transform pumpkins (real and plastic) into beautiful planters you?ll wish you could display all year long (and at least one that you totally can!)

1. DIY Pumpkin Flower Pot

Image by:?Angela Lanter
This is an incredible, brightly colored planter that will perfectly house your seasonal mums! You?ll use a faux pumpkin from a craft store like Hobby Lobby for this project, since it?d be a shame for your beautiful planter to rot. For easiest crafting, pick a hollow or foam pumpkin. Once you?ve got your pumpkin ready, simply drop your planter of mums in and voila! Find the step-by-step directions and tips from Angela Lanter!

2. Tipsy Pumpkin Planter

Image?by:?Birds and Blooms
We?ve seen a lot of ?tipsy? or ?topsy-turvy? stacked planters, but this one really screams Halloween! These are constructed out of those cheap plastic jack-0-lanterns you can get for about a dollar at most supermarkets. To hold this tipsy planter tower together, you?ll also want a nice, sturdy, tall garden stake. When you?re finished stacking and planting, you?ll have a display that?ll really wow the neighbors! Get the full instructions at Birds and Blooms!

3. Burlap D?coupage Pumpkin Planter

Image?by:?Confessions Of A Plate Addict

Burlap isn?t going anywhere! You?ll find this trendy fabric everywhere, from weddings to birthday parties, and you?re sure to love it as a planter as well! This is another way to re-purpose a cheap plastic pumpkin from any superstore. Using Mod Podge, you?ll attach strips of burlap in layers. To find out how to add all the special little details, stop by Confessions Of A Plate Addict!

4. Succulent Pumpkin Planter

Image?by:?Flower Duet

This is a charming take on the traditional pumpkin planter, utilizing low-maintenance succulents instead of mums or other fall flowers. Succulents do well indoors, and your pretty pumpkins should last a month or two as long as you mist twice a week and keep in a cool area. Instead of a faux pumpkin, it?s recommended that you use a large Fairytale Pumpkin, since they have flat tops and are easier to work with. For the full tutorial, head on over to Flower Duet!

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Feature photo: Sophistishe