10 Ways To Keep Cats Out Of The Garden

10 Ways To Keep Cats Out Of The Garden

Read on below for more ideas of ways you can try to persuade feline visitors to keep away.

After-the-Fact Methods to Keep Cats Out of Your Yard

What if it is too late for the chicken-wire option? Not to worry. The cat repellents below are all intended for existing garden beds.

?While on the subject of wire, let’s begin with electric wire fences.

Like rabbits, cats can be kept away humanely with the popular Mr. McGregor Fence, a fence so safe that even ResponsibleConsumer.net recommends it.??
Sometimes, to keep cats away from a yard, you have to think like a cat. Put yourself in the cat’s place.

Observe cat behavior. For instance, they’re pretty fussy creatures, aren’t they?

One of the things cats are fussy about is getting wet. Water is “Kryptonite for cats.” Getting wet seems to be almost a phobia for them. Use that phobia to your advantage in trying to keep cats away from yards.
When you catch cats in the forbidden area, you can try hosing them down with a Super Soaker or similar water gun. Such action may reinforce the notion that they are unwanted in your planting bed.
If that doesn’t work, you can go hi-tech. Devices such as Scarecrow Sprinklers detect an intruder’s presence and fire a blast of water at it.
Thinking like a cat again, another thing we can say cats are fussy about is how something smells. You can use feline fastidiousness to keep cats away from your yard in a number of ways:

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