10 Ways To Garden In The City

With more and more of us living in urban areas greater attention should be paid to city dwellers and their gardening needs. Here you will find ten ideas for urban gardening ranging from growing a green wall, hanging out with herbs to that old standby the classic window box. And there are seven more in this vein which are described in an article by Chere Di Boscio which I found on the Eluxe Magazine website.

In 2008, for the first time in history, more than half of the world?s population was reported to be living in cities. By 2030 this number will swell to almost 5 billion, with most of this urban growth expected to be concentrated in Africa and Asia.
What that means is that over half the world?s population is unlikely to have private outdoor space?but don?t despair. Just because you live in a city doesn?t mean you can?t enjoy some urban gardening?it just takes a little imagination.
We?ve found 1o ideas for urban gardening, keeping in mind the small outdoor spaces city folk need to work in?and best of all, some of these ideas even work when there?s no outdoor space whatsoever.

1. Grow a Green Wall

Companies like Urbio and ELT Living Walls?allow even the laziest gardeners to grow thriving interior green walls. Green walls not only look awesome and clean the air, they act as soundproofing from the neighbours, too!
Just about any kind of plant you fancy will work with these systems, and best of all, their construction means that root rot and overwatering is almost impossible.
urban gardening

2. Create Classic Window Boxes

Even if your apartment has zero outdoor space, it will at least have a window?and that means you can have a window box. For those without windowsills, options like these that hang from a bar you install between the walls of your window are perfect and add some colour to your home, indoors and out. Geraniums, dwarf cedars and Margaritas are just a few of the many plants that grow well in window boxes all year round.
2008 john joe took

3. Add An Indoor Moss Wall

This indoor gardening idea doesn?t need much natural light?in fact, it doesn?t like even direct sunlight at all, and what?s more: it doesn?t need watering, fertilising, or pruning. Incredibly, it comes ready to install on any surface. What is this amazing product? MossTile, from Benetti Stone. ?The tiles provide a virtually maintenance-free vertical?garden that is as dense as you like?the design possibilities are endless.

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