10 Ways To Create Amazing Garden Decor From Ordinary Objects

If you enjoy making things and are prepared for a little DIY then this is for you. Because these projects are all made from common household items or rocks and stones there is little cost involved. These ten ideas can either be copied directly or used to spark your own creativity to produce a unique piece of garden decor. I came across these creations in an article which I found on the Karma Stream website.

Your garden is your own canvas, where you can express your creativity. Creating your own decorations is an excellent idea. Because, what is better than saving money and having fun at the same time? Today I gathered some fun ideas that you should consider. If turning ordinary things, such as rocks, tin cans, trees sounds challenging, check out these DIY garden decor ideas!

Glow in the dark stones

Through the day, they collect sunlight. When the night comes, true magic happens. Stones that glow in the dark are a brilliant way to decorate the paths. Simple, collect some and paint them with special paint. Just put some on the sides and wait for the sun to set.



Gnome home

If you have a tree with a thick trunk in your garden, then why not do something fun with it? Add a door and a few windows and you have your own gnome home.?This is the cheapest one, that looks wow!


Teapot bird house

If you have an old teapot handy, quickly grab it. It can be turned into a wonderful bird house that has a feeder at the same time. Take a look at the design below and recreate it yourself.

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