10 Ways To Create A Tranquil Oasis In An Urban Garden

For many of us living in a city means that we will at best have a small area of garden and more likely just a mini courtyard or balcony. Even so by following some of the ideas suggested below it is possible to create an area of calm where you can relax surrounded by greenery and forget the world outside. These ten ideas are described in an article by Kate Burt which I found over on the Houzz website.

When your outdoor space is a square patch of land amid the urban sprawl, possibly overlooked and if not absolutely tiny at least decidedly not rambling, it can be tempting to create an equally boxy, metropolitan garden. Yes, this type of garden may look sleek and stunning, but if you?re after some escapism, tranquility and a foil to busy modern life in the city, browse the ideas in these relaxing plots for inspiration.
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