10 Veggies to Grow on Your Windowsill

Now that winter has put an end to gardening outdoors it’s time to think about what you can grow successfully in the house. Squash, cucumbers, root crops, beans and a host of others are best reserved for outdoor growing. But other, faster-growing species lend themselves perfectly to indoor cultivation. This article from the Bees and Roses website describes ten vegetables that grow well indoors.

It?s too late in the season to plant a winter garden outdoors?but it?s never too late to plant one indoors! Utilize the space in your kitchen by planting a windowsill garden. I?ve found that these ten veggies do especially well there!
Loose Leaf Lettuce
Loose Leaf Lettuce is one of the easiest varieties of vegetables to grow on a windowsill. This tasty plant only needs a few hours of sunlight everyday, and should be watered every few days. Expect to harvest three to four months after planting!

Red Cushion, Tiny Tim, Pretty Patio, or Cherry Tomatoes grow well on a sunny windowsill. After the plant begins producing fruit, it should be watered frequently. Fertilize after sowing the seeds! The harvest time will depend on the variety of tomato chosen.
Got a windowsill that is warm and sunny, even in the dead of winter? This is perfect for a pot full of chilles! Place seedlings in a deep pot of 8 to 10 inches to keep up with growing needs as it matures.

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