10 Succulents With Fantastic Flowers

For the average gardener succulents are regarded as plants with funny shaped leaves whose main attraction is that they thrive in dry conditions and require little maintenance. While this is all true some types of succulents produce colorful blooms which can almost rival those of common perennial flowers. Ten of these spectacular flowering succulents are described in an article by Noelle Johnson which I found on the Houzz website.

Let?s be honest, succulents are probably not the first type of plant that comes to mind when you want to add colorful flowers to your outdoor space. However, many types of succulents, including cactuses, produce gorgeous flowers. With their characteristic drought tolerance and low maintenance too, flowering succulents are winners in warm-weather gardens. Let?s take a look at 10 succulents with lovely flowers.
1. Rock Purslane
(Calandrinia spectabilis)
Native to Chile