Well perhaps not quite growing chocolate, but these flowers will give you the color and fragrance of this sweet treat. While not all plants with “chocolate” in their name will have the distinctive color and scent, there are plenty that do. So if you enjoy chocolate, and there are few of us who don’t, why not create your own candy corner by growing some of the plants on this list. This information comes from an article I found on the Garden Lovers website.

This spring, many people are planting what?s known as a ?Chocolate Garden.? Sounds like something straight out of Willy Wonka?s factory, right?
Well, it?s a beautiful reality. There are fragrant flowers, and edible flowers, but everyone seems to forget that there are a wealth of flowers out there that smell exactly like chocolate! (And some of them are even edible too, as a bonus.)
Before you start buying and planting all the varieties of plants out there with ?chocolate? in the name, remember that not all of these will smell like cocoa.
For those of us who have green thumbs and love chocolate, but may be watching our weight, filling our gardens with flowers and shrubs that give off the delicious scent of chocolate are a must-have.
Whether your chocolate garden is planted in a window box, in your main garden, or nearest to a window or patio where you tend to sit, most chocolate plants grow best in either full sun or partial shade.
If you?re worried that planting chocolate plants will net you an unremarkable, dull garden, take heart.
Each chocolate plant in this guide has a unique look, size, and color that will ensure your garden stays varied, beautiful, and above all, fragrant.

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