You may have heard of one or two of these, but I’m sure that there are some that will be new to you. They are all ways of growing more crops in a small space and they are practical methods that do work. The methods range from recycling old tires, the square foot and the keyhole to the no work system. The latter even includes a video to show how it’s done. I found this list on the Gardening Channel.

There are so many different ways to garden that it would be hard to even list them all.

We put together this grouping of ten different intensive gardening methods that make the most out of your gardening space, so that you can grow the most food possible with the least amount of hassle.

Have you tried any of these methods? If so, leave a comment at the bottom and tell us about your results!

tire garden

Tire gardening

Do you appreciate the rugged appeal of recycled tires in your garden? Or, do you want a cheap (read: free), shapeable container garden? The steps are simple: carefully cut off the outer rim of a tire using a utility knife. Once you?ve formed that flexible ?O,? you can maneuver the tire tread inside out if you prefer to have the smooth, slick innards visible.

By stacking treads on top of one another, the tires become excellent containers for growing potatoes and other rooted plants since the structure provides much-needed growth room. The black surface is ideal for plants that need warm growing conditions.

Used tires are easy to come by and can be molded into non-circular shapes. Simply lodge some wooden logs in the tire to create the desired shape. Check out these step-by-step instructions with photos: http://www.tiregarden.net/

mittlieder method garden

Mittlieder method

The Mittlieder method creatively?and affordably?combines soil-based gardening with hydroponic gardening. This method takes advantage of space, time, and resources and works with both soil beds and raised beds. Apartment dwellers can enjoy this method as much as commercial farmers.

So how does this method differ from other gardening techniques? Plants must be fed 16 essential nutrients, as determined by Dr. Mittlieder himself. In addition, while the soil type isn?t a major factor in gardening, soil distribution is essential for proper irrigation, which he believes to be centralized watering, as opposed to drip irrigation. Plant spacing is also more liberal in the Mittlieder method. Finally, pruning vegetable plants is essential, yet often ignored in other gardening techniques.

For a quick-start guide, see this site: http://growfood.com/

Square foot gardening method

Square foot gardening

The Square Foot Gardening method can be started using only a frame and some dividers. Picture a box divided into smaller squares, each measuring 1-foot by 1-foot. The square foot gardening method focuses on the number of seeds that can be planted within each square box based on the size of the plant. For example, one tomato plant might occupy its own square while oregano can be planted 4 times within a square. Carrot seeds, on the other hand, can be planted 16 to a square. Not sure how big your plant will be? Check the back of your seed packet for spacing information.

Want tips on ideal soil composition for your square foot garden? Visit: http://squarefootgardening.org/square-foot-gardening-method

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Image source: Aaron Baugher