While plants in single flowerpots are nothing special, pile them up into a stack and you will have made an impressive garden feature. All you need are some flowerpots and for some of the more exotic designs a rod or cane to hold them together. This collection of stacked flowerpot designs is described in an article by Tanja which I found on the Top Inspirations website.

This post offers you instructions how to make stacked flower pots for the garden. Take a look and stay positive. Your garden is the place that must be surrounded with the mother nature. We should be grateful to the nature for all treasures that gives to us. You could do it yourself stacked flower pots, stacked succulent flower pots or wooden boxes. Don?t be afraid to mix the flower pots and also the plants. Decide about the number of the stacked flower pots. It?s your choice and depends of the material that you have.
Make something that you will love it. Don?t spend money on something that you could do it yourself in no time. Spend some long weekend or holiday for doing crafts like these one. I hope that this post was enough positive to force you to make some crafts. Make your garden awesome and good looking, so, people would be jealous to you and your creativity!
The material that you?ll need for making stacked flower pots are:

  1. plastic or terra cotta flower pots;
  2. medium tall planters (flowers or succulent);
  3. spray paint for painting the pots or writing some signs on it; (you could write home sweet home or welcome in my lovely garden)
  4. potting soil;

Find inspiration in?12 DIY stacked flower pots for bringing positive vibes in the garden. In my opinion, this is what we all need for the garden!

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