10 Simple and Stylish DIY Seed Labels

When sowing seeds either in a pot or outside in the open ground you need to record the name of the plant on a marker of some sort. While you can just mount the empty seed packet on a short stick there are more attractive ways to remind you what you have planted. These ten ideas which I came across on the Bless My Weeds website would make an ideal DIY project for the winter months.

When you plant your garden, especially from seed, you might have a tough time remembering what you have planted where. That?s why garden plant markers are so handy. Many gardeners use popsicle sticks or little stakes that hold the seed package. But if you want something a little more creative, here are 10 DIY plant marker projects for spring. These might even make fun gifts for the favorite gardener on your list.
1. Stamped Clay
If you can pick up some clay and rubber stamps, you can make these adorable little stamped clay plant markers.

Image source: witandwhistle.com
2. Stick It
You?ve certainly got easy access to twigs in your yard. These simple markers only require twigs, markers, and a vegetable peeler. Done!

Image source: Buzzfeed
3. The Clip
If you need to mark your seed started pots or other planters, you can simply write plant names on clothespins and clip them on. Doesn?t get much easier than that!

Image source: clothespins

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Feature photo: Dollar Tree