10 Reasons to Keep a Garden Journal

Many people who have finally taken the plunge and started to keep a garden journal will see its value and wonder why it took them so long. Without a written record it is hard to remember when you planted what and how well it grew all of which information you need when making plans for the season ahead. This article by Laura Gaskell which I found on the Houzz website suggests ten reasons why you should start to keep a garden journal.

A garden journal can be filled with beautiful sketches and neat garden plans — or a messy jumble of notes, lists and pasted-in photos. But what it looks like doesn’t matter nearly as much as the value it contains within its well-worn covers. This little diary of your gardening life can help you keep track of what you planted where, which veggie varieties taste the best, which birds and butterflies visit and which neighbor you lent that pruning saw to last year. And it’s not just for homeowners with large lots; a garden journal can enrich your gardening life, whether you have a few pots of tomatoes on the fire escape or a plot in the community garden down the road.
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