10 Raised Bed Designs For Every Garden Style

Raised beds were originally conceived for purely practical reasons when people realized that walking on soil where you were trying to grow crops was not a good idea. Initially the practice of creating a four to five foot wide bed with narrow paths either side did not even need wooden walls to contain it. How things have moved on. Now the raised bed is not just a practical growing system, but has also become a decorative feature. These ten examples are described in an article by Lauren Dunec Hoang which I found on the Houzz website.

There are plenty of practical reasons for putting a raised bed in your garden: improving drainage, expanding growing options, saving your back and setting up homegrown fruits, vegetables and herbs to flourish. Aside from their function, well-designed raised beds can visually take your garden design up a notch, serving as attractive focal points. Here are 10 inspired raised bed designs to complement a range of garden styles, from traditional to contemporary.

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Feature photo: Lauren Dunec Design