10 Plants For A Tropical Style Garden

Many a gardener will have seen plants when on holiday in some exotic location and wished that they could be grown in the garden back home. Naturally most tropical plants need a tropical climate, but there are some that will thrive in cooler regions. By careful choice of plants it is possible to create a tropical style in your own garden. The ten plants that will give you a tropical feel are described in an article by Lauren Dunec Hoang which I found on the Houzz website.

Picture your dream tropical destination. Perhaps you hear palm fronds rustling overhead and smell the sweet fragrance of jasmine drifting through the garden. For those of us who don?t live in tropical climates (we?re jealous of you who do), it?s still possible to evoke the beauty of an island-style garden with plants that thrive in temperate climates.
Take a look at these 10 plants for a tropical-style garden, including a vine with an intoxicating fragrance and colorful plants for containers.
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