As we all know most perennial flowers should be planted in the fall so that they will be ready to grow and produce blooms in the next season, but there are a number of perennials that require different treatment. These are known as C-4 plants as Dona Bergman explains in her article which I found on the Planters Place website.

She said with serious indignation,? ?You are a professional gardener and of all people should know that you do not plant perennials now.? You plant in the fall.?
I barely knew this person, so I just smiled in that Southern sort of way that says ‘mind your own business.’
Last week I planted an entire perennial garden not only in the heat but in mucky, totally saturated soil. Next month a design that I did for a new art museum goes in. End of August, I?m installing a design in New Orleans. Day after day, I dig, divide, replant, and ship perennials from my nursery.

Summer Perennials are a Thing

The myth of fall planting applies only to certain kinds of plants. Some plants need to be planted in the summer.
tagetes lemonii
Ever heard of C-4 plants? They use a specialized sort of photosynthesis to operate efficiently in high temperature environments.? Sugarcane and most grasses are C-4 but there thousands more.? Not all of those below are C-4; honestly, most people don?t need to know about C-4, but simply to understand that some plants grow roots, shoots and fruits best in mild temperatures while some do so in scorching temperatures.
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Image source: Forest and Kim Starr

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