If you have a small garden there is one school of thought that planting a few large shrubs or small trees makes for a better overall design. On the other hand if you are looking for a variety of color and texture then miniature plants will give you more choice. This list of the top ten pint-size plants has been compiled by Nikki Jabbour and is from the Birds and Blooms website.

Not all gardeners have huge expanses of backyard to work with, but luckily there are miniature plants that provide a pint-size punch of color for small-space gardens and containers. Whether you want a border with extra oomph or a container with cheerful blossoms, these tiny plants have a big impact.

Living Large With Miniatures

While ideal for small spaces, dwarf varieties can be useful in any garden.

  • Most are low-maintenance and need little if any pruning to stay small and true to form.
  • They fit right into rock or alpine gardens as well as containers and troughs.
  • They make excellent edging at the front of beds and borders, or along sidewalks and paths.
Top 10 Miniature Plants for Small Space Gardening | Birds & Blooms Magazine

Bobo hydrangea

Hydrangea paniculata ?Bobo?,?Zones 3 to 8
Award-winning Bobo is small in stature but big on blooms, which begin in midsummer and last up to 12 weeks. The dwarf plants grow to 3 feet and are smothered in large, creamy white flowers that mature to a blush pink.

Why we love it: Space-challenged gardeners can enjoy the reliable, long-lasting beauty of hydrangeas.
Top 10 Miniature Plants for Small Space Gardening | Birds & Blooms Magazine

Soft Serve false cypress

Chamaecyparis pisifera ?dow whiting?,?Zones 5 to 7
Soft Serve false cypresses are valued for their elegant stature and swirls of soft, touchable foliage. Soft Serve can reach 6 to 10 feet but grows very slowly, which makes it ideal for containers and rock gardens. Other dwarf cultivars are Nana, Leprechaun, Gnome and Hage.

Why we love it: These dwarf evergreens provide year-round interest to beds and borders.

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