Growing vegetables in containers has a number of advantages particularly if you are short of space. It is easier to control the soil conditions and the containers can be moved to their ideal position. While many vegetables would be too large to grow in this way, there are others that are perfectly suited to this approach. I found this list of ten miniature vegetables on the Top Inspired website.

Did you know that miniature vegetables don?t require any special care? They only need what other ordinary varieties require: good?soil, sufficient water, nutrient, and light. Miniature or dwarf vegetables are not only cute but planting dwarf versions might give you the room that you need to squeeze in more vegetables.
Many vegetables that grow in soil can be grown in a?pot or?container.?Container vegetable gardening is ideal for small spaces, balconies and it also has?many advantages. You can easily?control the growing conditions by moving the plants to a new place and the soil moisture is also?better than open ground. Not to mention the problems?with slugs and snails that you would have to deal with outdoors.
Consider these cute midgets for?side-dishes, stir-fries and salads, they will look lovely on the plate!?TOP Inspired?have selected ten miniature vegetable crops that are well suited for containers. Try it now or next spring time!

Purple Dwarf French Beans


Try this funky looking purple dwarf bean variety. It grows 20 inches (50 cm) high and grows more quickly than other beans.?The seeds germinate in 7-10 days, and you will have beans to harvest?in 10 weeks. Make sure to use?rich, well-drained potting soil and choose a sunny place. Dwarf bean is a compact habit plant that don?t need staking like runner beans or peas.

Miniature?Bell Pepper

Miniature Bell Peppervia?www.thompson-morgan.com
These miniature bell peppers are deliciously sweet, excellent in salads, on veggie platters, stuffed with cream cheese or?eaten whole. They grow?2 1/2 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches long. There are yellow, red orange and chocolate color varieties available. The plant will grow around?35cm (14in), ideal for?patio or indoor as well.

Miniature Eggplant

Miniature Eggplant via loghouseplants.com
The compact growing variety is great for containers. The?tennis ball sized glossy, black fruits are not only cute but tasty as well. The plant grows about?18-24 inches tall and it needs a warm sunny place. You can harvest the beautiful oval fruits?60-65 days from transplant. There is also?white type of egg plants available with very sweet fruits that are good for short season locations and ready in 72 days.

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