10 Ideas For Your Own Secret Garden

The term Secret Garden suggests a place that is hidden and so is both mysterious and perhaps even magical. But there are several other elements that contribute to the idea of a secret place. Apart from a hidden entrance it should contain an inviting destination with screening and hedges for privacy and an enclosed space. To discover the ten ways you can create your own secret garden read this article by Lauren Dunec Hoang which I found on the Houzz website.

No matter where your plot of land is ? in the heart of a bustling city or down a quiet lane ? there?s an opportunity to make your garden feel like a secret, secluded space. The best secret gardens not only feel private, but they also have a certain magic about them, evoking the sense of being removed from the hustle of daily life and transported to somewhere else entirely. Let?s take a look at 10 ingredients that not only give secret gardens privacy, but a sense of magic as well.
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