10 Hanging Planters For An Amazing New Look

We normally think of hanging baskets, but these are not baskets (apart from one), rather they are various DIY constructions which enable you to display your plants hanging in different arrangements. By the time you have read through all ten you will have plenty of ideas as to how to create one of these for yourself. I came across these ten hanging planters in an article by Betty which I found on the Top Inspired website.

The arrival of spring means that it?s time to spend more time in the garden ? not just enjoying the beautiful weather, but to work on decorating this space to make it even more of an enjoyable experience.
One of the best ways to decorate your garden is to invest in better ? looking planters. This also means that you can get what you want for a cheaper price, if you?re willing to do it yourself. In this article we are showing you ten hanging planters that will make a difference in your garden and trust us, you are going to love the results.

1.?Planter with Embroidery Hoop

Top 10 DIY Hanging Planters That Will Make Your Garden Look Amazing
Who would have thought that an embroidery hoop can turn out to be an amazing way to hanging a planter? This project is very cheap and requires just few items besides the loop ? your favorite plant, bowl for planting, hook, rope and permanent adhesive glue ? make sure to pick good one because you don?t want the bowl to fall down.

2.?Hanging Basket Garden

Top 10 DIY Hanging Planters That Will Make Your Garden Look Amazing
These hanging baskets will surely make your garden such an adorable place! You would love to see them full with pretty flowers, don?t you? You can easily make this hanging garden by yourself, but first make sure you have everything you need ? three woven, medium-sized baskets with similar shape, braided polyester rope, 1 ? 2 small bags of potting soil, herbs and flowers, whatever you want to plant.

3.?Wood Pallet Hanging Planter

Top 10 DIY Hanging Planters That Will Make Your Garden Look Amazing
Wood pallets are often used for creating hanging planters. In this case, the planter just holds the whole plant with its planter, and not the actual dirt. What makes this planter so interesting is exactly its color. If you leave the wood pallets just like that, they won?t leave any impression. But, by painting them yellow (such a happy color!) they will catch the eye of everyone and will send out beautiful vibes!

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Feature photo: Consumer Crafts