I would love to have one of these sheds in my garden. My basic shed is purely practical which is used for storing tools and gardening equipment (which is a polite way of saying general garden clutter). These ten designs should definitely not be filled with clutter as they are far too smart for that. I came across this collection of shed designs over on the Garden Lovers Club website.

A garden needs to be maintained regularly in order to keep a healthy appearance. When caring for a garden, it is important to remember that we are dealing with living organisms, and each flower or vegetable needs specific care.
An experienced gardener knows their tools, and knows what each plant needs. A part of maintaining a healthy garden is keeping an organized space for these?tools, and lets face it, we can?t lug all of our dirty garden equipment into our houses, its simply impractical.
A great solution for this is keeping a shed! Sheds can be made in all different shapes and sizes, and are functional beyond storage for garden equipment.
Whether you have the ambition to build your own shed, or you want to buy one and have it installed, here are some unique and creative ideas for a garden shed. Take a look at our examples and find some inspiration!

1. Designer Shed


Source:?Blog Spot
A modest structure with plenty of character, this shed looks like it belongs in a hobbit?s garden. Stone walls and a wooden frame give the shed a homely look.

2. Tire Shed


Source:?The FHD
This is a great way to recycle old tires, and create a functional shed! This creative design uses cut up tires to form a weather proof exterior, sure to keep out all of the elements.

3. Small Shed


A small space can go a long way if you keep your shed organized. Plenty of shelving and a wall to hang things make this shed a fine example of how to optimize space utilization.

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