While Spring is the season that most of us think of as the best time to sow seeds, there are many flowers that will benefit from a fall sowing. Just as we are told to store seeds in the fridge to assist germination, the winter chill will ensure that the seeds sprout as the weather warms in spring. This list comes from an article by Melissa Will which I found on her Empress of Dirt website.

Want to get a jump start on spring blooms?

?There are many flowering plants you can sow from seed as the weather gets cooler in the fall. ?After a winter chill, they will resume growing in the spring.
First, I?ll walk you through some things you?ll want to know before sowing.
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Choose seeds according to your growing zone

  • The types of seeds that are appropriate for your garden will depend on your location and growing zone.
  • A quick Google search can confirm your growing zone number.
  • Seed sellers often list zones on their products so you can choose seeds known to succeed in your climate and conditions.

How it works

  • Many of the seeds that do well with fall planting are actually cold climate plants that need the cold to germinate (sprout).
  • Some types of seeds have very tough coats.?After a deep chill, they pop open and germination can begin.??Pretty cool!

See more including the full list of thirty flower seeds you can sow in the fall at the Empress of Dirt