Fall is the season of mellow autumnal colors of orange shading to brown, rusty red and even yellow as you will know if you are growing any of the flowers mentioned below in your garden. This list of ten fall blooming flowers is the personal choice of an anonymous author whose article I came across on the Garden Lovers Club website.

As an individual who loves having flowers in bloom around my home, I need more than flowers that bloom in the spring and summer in my garden. Fall blooming flowers are lovely, and they typically produce deep jewel toned blooms of purple, rust orange, and scarlet red. I have created this guide with some of my favorite fall bloomers to help your garden look amazing this year. Let?s take a look:

1. Oxeye Sunflower


This plant is known as a ?false sunflower? because it possesses the same yellow petals and brown centered bloom that you see on sunflowers, but these blooms occur late in the summer and continue throughout the fall months of the year. For perky blooms, this plant needs full sun for at least four or five hours a day. The plant should be grown in well-drained soil, and it should be watered when the top of the soil feels dry.

2. Goldenrod

Many view goldenrod as a pretty weed that is often seen in fields or areas outside of our garden. This plant produces yellow blooms that make a great contrast to any fall garden, and it will spread on its own to create a beautiful ground covering. There are several varieties to choose from, so if you want a goldenrod with less of a spread, try the ?fireworks? variation. Plant it in an area with morning sun and afternoon shade for the best results.

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