Basic garden design tends to follow similar lines. You have some grass with flowerbeds and a few trees and shrubs all arranged in a somewhat conventional manner. While these ten designs are not entirely novel, they do give the landscape a distinctively different look and so should provide you with some ideas that you can adapt for your garden. The ten designs come from an article which I came across on the Garden Lovers Club website.

We are constantly looking for ways to help people improve their gardens. A healthy garden leads to a healthy life, and we believe that if you can learn to put sufficient effort into your hobbies and ?for fun? activities, then you will be training yourself to handle those everyday tasks that seem dull and grueling more gracefully.
Designing your garden so that it best suits your space and so it functions well for you may seem like a tough task to accomplish. Knowing where to start and what you are looking for can be the hardest part. That?s why we have put together these ten examples of garden ideas that?have marvelous end results.
Whether you want to cultivate fields in your backyard, plant a whole vegetable garden, or simply have a small, peaceful space to escape your stress, there is something in here for everyone. Gardening can be a stress reliever in itself, so why not take one of these ideas and run with it? You may discover something about yourself that you never knew before.
It?s important to remember that regardless of what you see other people create, you are the master of your own creativity. So you don?t need to look at these examples and think that every aspect has to be the same. If you see an idea that you like, start with your favorite part, and let your imagination work! Take a look at these ten examples and see if these ideas inspire you!

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