Garden decor is a highly personal matter. Some people love it and others the opposite, but whatever your preference you have to agree that it adds an extra feature to the garden. These ten ideas are mostly small and easy to make and come into the fun category. No formal statues here, rather Lady Bug golf balls, Fairy Homes and Paisley Stones to name just three. These ideas come from an article by Olivia Cathcart which I found on the Wimp website.

As joyous as having a garden can be, their appearance can be rather bland. A couple of snazzy decorations can add a much-needed spark of life to all that soil and all those sprouts. If your garden is looking a little boring, consider one of these 10 clever DIY projects to add a splash of whimsy to your dirt patch.

Lady Bug Golf Balls

Creative Ideas And Solutions

Nobody likes pests in their garden, but these little bugs are downright adorable. Paint a few spare golf balls to create these little lady bug critters.

Crystal Watering Can

Crafts By Amanda

Create a floating, sparkling decoration with an old watering can and a few crystals. Attach strands of crystals to the spout of the can and hang it above your garden to create the illusion of an ever-pouring watering can. Check out Crafts By Amanda for a step-by-step guide.

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