Well perhaps plant is not the right word, arrangement is a more accurate description of these ways you can use your planters at this time of year. You should be able to find all the ingredients from the garden. Evergreen boughs and pine cones with a few other items to add a touch of color are all you need for number one. I found this list of ten wintery container garden ideas over at the Garden Lovers Club website.

Winter is here, and that usually means that those of us with a green thumb are stuck trying to find ways to stay busy while the ground is frozen.
Never fear! Container gardening and creating beautiful, colorful displays don?t have to take a backseat when it?s cold out. We?ve assembled some really fantastic winter-themed displays that are easy to assemble in your existing planters and pots.
Once you?re done arranging, place these beauties in a prominent spot on your porch, steps, or even indoors if that?s what suits you. They?re sure to be a welcome respite from the gray days of winter ahead!
These projects are designed for anyone from experienced DIY and gardeners to those brand new to the scene. While these plants are cuttings and won?t last past the winter, they?ll still be a bright spot in the cold weather, welcoming guests into your warm home all season long!
We hope you?ll be inspired to bring some color to your winter yard!

1. Fruit and Evergreen Bough Display

Source: Flower Chick
This lovely silver planter is bedecked with faux apples, burgundy pine cones, and a wealth of evergreen boughs. This display was created by adding winter-themed items to an existing display. If you?re using natural boughs, be sure to purchase and spray your branches with a product like Wilt-Pruf, which will keep your boughs looking nice and fresh throughout the season!

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Image source: Yankee Magazine