It’s amazing what you can do with a bunch of small stones. And the great thing is that you can collect them for free. You can find pebbles in a stream, beside a lake or at the beach. Then all you need is some inspiration to point you in the right direction and you can then make your own garden art. I found these ideas over at the Garden Lovers Club website.

Tiny pebbles and stones are an easy material to obtain for crafts. Go for a long walk with the kids, and ask them to pick up the size and shape of stone that you desire, and watch them go!
A lake, pond, or even the beach is a great place to find these stones as well. But what to make with all of these stones?
The answer is simple. There are tons of great, simple projects that you can do with the kids or on your own in a single afternoon that range from silly to functional. You can even use these stones to create a backsplash in your kitchen!
Create yard art, unique gifts, or even decor for the interior of your home.
We?ve scoured the Internet to find a wide variety of crafts and projects that will make a real impression on your friends, guests, and neighbors.
We hope you?ll find a project that you?ll be inspired to take on!
So find your project and then set off on a mission to find the perfect pebbles!

1. Pebble Mosaic Garden Ball

DIY Pebble Art 1
Source: Crafts n? Coffee
Garden balls are a Victorian era craze that?s resurfaced in the past few years, but instead of featuring perfect, reflective glass balls, the trend focuses on DIY versions made out of various materials, including shards of glass, beads, and polished stones among other things. This is a bit more time-consuming, as you need to allow the ball to set before adding it to your garden, but you?ll end up with a fantastic piece of yard art that you?ll be proud to say you made!

2. Delicate Stone Planter

DIY Pebble Art 2
Source: Modish Space
Terracotta planters are cheap, but tend to look boring or tacky. This project allows you to take advantage of the cheap prices of a terracotta planter, while also achieving the look of a much more expensive option. Find small, flat pebbles for this project. To achieve the effect shown above, select mostly light-colored stones, and mix in a few darker, more colorful ones.

3. Mosaic Pebble Stepping Stones

DIY Pebble Art 3
Source: Fine Gardening
This is another time-consuming project, but when it?s complete, you?ll be astounded by the results. This project involves finding a variety of stones of a similar color, shape, and size, and then inserting them in a pattern. The finished product is an unique stepping stone or garden pathway that will stand the test of time and endure the elements.

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