These ten designs are intended to be used as houseplants for people who either from lack of time or inclination are unable to care for regular indoor plants. The cacti and succulents in these containers are tough customers that can survive and even thrive on neglect and at the same time provide a spectacular display. The Zen Garden even has therapeutic benefits. I came across this list on the Top Inspired website.

Many people love flowers, house plants and shrubs to?make their?homes lush and green but only a few consider cactus an attractive option for bringing natural feel to the room. If you don?t have a green-thumb or you are away for weeks on business trips cacti and succulents might be your best bet.?Even if you don?t have perfectly sunny windowsills or you kill every shrub,?these plants are for everyone. Cacti come in many different shapes and colors, and they are real survivors. The prickly spines are actually modified leaves and through their?shallow root systems they soak up water that they store for a long time.?This?makes cactus?a very?independent plant that suits every condition and every gardener.
Avoid fussy plants?and check-out our collection?of the beautiful and decorative cactus gardens!

1. Modern Zen Garden

These?vibrant and colorful small cactus gardens will definitely brighten?up your home or your office desk. Choose a pretty glass bowl and fill it with colorful sand?such as?fuchsia, yellow, orange, purple, baby blue, black or white. Drawing?into the sand can be therapeutic, in stressful moments will relax your mind.

2. Indoor Desert


Shallow planing bowls are not only good for Bonsais but also they are perfect for creating your indoor desert. Select different types of cacti and arrange them in a decorative way. Plant the shorter ones to the front and the taller ones behind them. As cacti hate to sit in water make sure to aid drainage by putting pebbles to the bottom of the pot.

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Image source: Joan Howitt


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