Top 10 Flowers That Don’t Need Deadheading

Deadheading is one of those garden tasks that can take a considerable time if you have more than a few annual and perennial flowers. You can ignore this chore but this will result in the plants going to seed which is, of course, their main purpose. By removing the spent blooms the plant will produce another flower and so extend the flowering period. If you want to cut down on the work you can grow plants that do not need deadheading. Ten of these flowers are described in an article by Carol which I found on The Gardening Cook website.

What is deadheading?

Basically, this gardening term refers to the time spent removing old flower blooms to allow the plant to keep blooming longer.  Many re-blooming plants will just get more and more untidy and stop flowering if the spent flowers are not removed.  So, deadheading is a garden task that occupies a lot of time for most gardeners. Roses are one plant that needs a lot of deadheading to remove the old blooms so the plant will continue flowering.Roses need a lot of deadheadhing

Most annuals and many perennials will continue flowering all season long as long as you remember to get rid of of the faded flowers. Deadheading makes for a better looking plant and a longer flowering season.

As the flowers fade away, they begin to form seed heads.  This means that the energy of the plant is being spent on the development of seeds, not more flowers.  So to direct that energy to blooms, just deadhead!

Plants that don’t need deadheadingplants that don't need deadheading

As a lazy gardener, the next obvious question is “are there plants that DON’T need deadheading? Yes, there are. Some of these plants are called “self cleaning” plants. They will continue to flower even if you don’t remove the old blooms.

A few are low maintenance that need to be tidied up occasionally, but give masses of color for the time spent. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy my gallery of plants that don’t need deadheading.


The seed heads remain on this plant right into fall.  Since the seed heads are attractive in their own right, many gardeners allow them to remain on the plant right through the winter months and only prune the plant back in the early spring.

VincaVinca needs no deadheading

This pretty annual plant cleans itself by dropping the flower heads below.  The plant will continue to flower all summer long with no extra work from you spent removing it’s pretty blooms.

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