Top 10 Flowering Shrubs For August And September

In the dog days of summer it is all to easy to find that the garden is beginning to look a little tired. The mass of color in the summer borders will have faded and unless you have you have something to replace it you will be left with a dull patch through fall and winter until the new growth appears in spring. That is where this list comes in handy with its colorful shrubs that bloom during this period. Read this article by David Beaulieu which I found on The Spruce website for the details.

If your landscaping tends to look tired when August and September roll around, it’s time to look into growing some late summer flowering shrubs. Some of these bushes begin blooming earlier in the year but have good staying power, continuing to blossom into September (or even beyond). Others are simply late bloomers. Either way, they’re critical allies to have at your disposal if you value continuous sequence of bloom.

This rose bush begins blooming in my zone-5 landscape in late May. So why do I list it as one of my late summer flowering shrubs? Well, it does double-duty, qualifying not only for the present list, but also as a bush that blooms in early summer. Candy Oh! blooms pretty much non-stop throughout the summer. It is one shrub that you can count on to inject color into your landscaping during June, July, August, September, and—assuming you avoid a frost—even into October.

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