Gallery Of Gorgeous Gardens From Around The World

As the title implies this is a collection of photos of amazing gardens from around the world. There is a distinct eastern flavor in that many are created in the Japanese style with raked gravel and rocks with tranquil pools. For a complete contrast do look out for the garden of cosmic speculation. I came across this gallery of photos on the Top Dreamer website.

The gardens are places for inner peace and relaxations. You are surrounded by green shades, trees, flowers. Sculptures, whether out of flowers or some stone sculptures are the most common designs for gardens. Nice pathways, a lake or some fountains can be also found in one garden. Take a look at the pictures below to see the beauty of these 13 beautiful gardens from around the world. Enjoy!

Hakone Gardens

13 Beautiful Garden Creations

Hakone Gardens – A tranquil place of peace and harmony. Come experience Hakone, the oldest Asian and Japanese estate in the Western Hemisphere–eighteen acres of magnificent beauty nestled in the verdant hills of Saratoga overlooking Silicon Valley

Water Garden at Buscot Park in Oxfordshire

The Water Garden at this 18th century mansion was designed by Sir Harold Peto in 1904

13 Beautiful Garden Creations

13 Beautiful Garden Creations

Japanese style garden

13 Beautiful Garden Creations

Portland Japanese Garden,

13 Beautiful Garden Creations

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